Quinze and Milan for Eastpak

Hard to imagine has never been an obstacle for Quinze & Milan as they join forces with Eastpak for a unique, special edition furniture collection exhibited at Salone del Mobile 2010. We have seen amazing public installations, crystal innovations for Swarovski and material innovation from Quinze & Milan. Now, they take a common mobile storage product, a backpack, and twist its perception into a magnificent new reality, a piece of furniture.

The successful cross-disciplinary collaboration between creative teams of both Quinze & Milan and Eastpak redefine the sporty and practical uses of the backpack into a new scale. The product implements the typical sofa or ottoman into an all inclusive furniture that is durable, fresh and fully practical. The unit can hold books, laptops, magazines, reading glasses, iPod, headset, and remote control. There are no excuses to misplace or have anything laying around the living room.

text by Ricardo Hernandez for Yatzer

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