Anrealage by Kunihiko Morinaga

Designer/Kunihiko Morinaga,born in Tokyo,in 1980.Graduated from Waseda University and Vantan Design Academy. In 2003, The brand was started. ANREALAGE is a combination of words meaning ''real,unreal,and age.'' In the changing age,we put value on the tiny things like tears of a sparrow becouse we believe that ''God is in the details'' .In 2005,won the Avant-Garde Grand Prix at Gen Art 2005,a contest held in NewYork for new young designers.In 2006 s/s, we showed 1st collection at the center of Tokyo Tower with the brand of Keisuke Kanda.Then continue the collection at the Tokyo Collection.In 2009, to convet symbols into clothing,we showed installation about the theme of ''○△□'' ''凹凸''.The clothes were then peeled of the geometorical forms and transferred onto human bodies,to generate new forms.This was an exploration in the possibilities that the most basic symbols have for clothing.These clothes are on display at the museum named 'Souvenier From Tokyo' in The National Art Center Tokyo and art museum in Stockholm.

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