Cindy Sherman at venice art biennale 2011

American artist cindy sherman's 'untitled', 2010 is on show as part of the 'illuminazioni' international exhibition at the
venice art biennale 2011.
the larger-than-life photographic work consists of 5 murals, each one depicting sherman doing what she does best, 
dressed-up as a somewhat outlandish character: as a pin juggler in a festive, silky jumpsuit, a unitard, sport socks and trainers; 
dressed in a naked female body suit, holding a sword erect; outfitted as a tap dancer; a middle-aged women in a floral dress, 
gardening gloves and cross trainers; as well as classic woman in a full-length, red sequined number. within each mural, 
sherman is captured in color, her figure juxtaposed against black and white backdrops reminiscent of classic landscape paintings.
the murals are pigment printed on phototex, an adhesive fabric, each varying in dimension.

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