XYLEM - by Angelo Musco, 2011

Turning reality upside down and creating works that run counter to preconceived ideas, is one of Angelo Musco’s strategies. Living structures (ie: nests, amniotic sacs, eggs) both literal and figurative stir a depth of emotion that relates to the artist’s delayed and traumatic birth that left both physical and subconscious scares. The human body is the artist’s medium. He melds bodies like hundreds of brush strokes, creating large compositions that are re-workings of nature’s structures from the XY chromosome to a nurturing ant colony to a gigantic swirling underwater nest.

Musco's investigation into the power of aggregations found in nature, such as sperm during egg fertilization, an ant colony, beehive or a school of fish, has fueled his most recent works. His visionary translation of such aggregation on a massive scale is not only visible in his work but is also palpable during his photo shoots.

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