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Created on the occasion of AltaRoma 2012 "Les Objets Singulier" exhibition at Galleria Ugo Ferranti, Rome curated by Emanuela Nobile Mino. Konstantin Grcic's project for Filed Under/Roma edition is based on a photo he took in one of the most relevant (although mostly unknown) examples of roman industrial archaeology: a small pavilion built by the architect Pier Luigi Nervi in 1945 in the city suburbs. It is the first experiment Nervi made to test his researches on statics and on innovative materials, which turned out to be revolutionary in terms of construction solutions and dynamic tension, enhancing his freedom of engineering high, light and audacious architectures. 
The pavilion nowadays stands right in the middle of a private car parking and it is used as the indoor/long-term parking. In order to prevent additional damages from wild cars' reversing, the owners put a number of tyres along the lower sides of the perimetrical walls of the building. This paradoxical, and still touching, sense of apprehension and protection, is reported by Grcic in his photo portrait of one of the tyres that he decided to replicate on the scarf as a repeated pattern: the sequence of the revolved image makes the tyre appear moving along the silk surface, as an animated picture. (Text: Emanuela Nobile Mino)

Luca Pizzaroni, You Gonna Like the Way Your Look, color photography (2008)

Abbas Kowsari, Halabche (Journeys to Kurdistan), color photography (2003)

Florian Böhm, Sara Jewelry, color photography (2005)

Konstantin Grcic, In Periferia, color photography (2011)

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