Bombwatcher Fold-to-Flat Surfboard Styled Chairs

Surf Life Designs was incorporated in June of 2011 by Clinton and Arlene Underwood with the goal of creating high quality original designs that capture the essence of the surf life.

Bombwatcher Surfboard Chairs are beautifully hand crafted by local designer-inventor and avid surfer Clinton Underwood. This local crafter Works out of a shop in Cocoa Beach, FL

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  1. The surf style can be applied in anything that you create. It can appear not only in surf boards but in cars, clothing, apartments, etc. For instance, last year I travelled to Argentina and decided to rent apartments in buenos aires . The realtor said that he had a peculiar flat for me. When I got in, it was all painted in blue, like the sea, and it had themed furniture. The sofa was a surfboard in which you could sit in!!!