Flying Babies by Rachel Hulin

East Coast-based photographer Rachel Hulin didn’t know her son Henry could “fly”—until she photographed him doing just that. A quick post of the fun-filled image to her Facebook account garnered lots of praise from friends and viewers, a real Eureka moment that has given birth, metaphorically speaking, to a new batch of children’s books called “The Flying Series.” The first title, Flying Henry, is due out from PowerHouse Publishing in April 2013.

With a BA from Brown and MA from NYU and the International Center of Photography, Hulin has some mad skills with the camera. Sporting an impressive editorial client list—Whole Foods Magazine, Fitness, Martha Stewart Living—she has also shown her work in galleries throughout the Big Apple.

Of course, inquiring minds want to know how she gets those babies to “fly”. In an interview with Time magazine, all she’d say is that the shots are not staged, and that those babies are never tossed in the air. Someone get Peter Pan on the phone, see what he has to say about this.

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