“SECRET SHOW” – Caribou VS Four Tet @ Moogaplex

This is one of the reasons why I love music festivals. Surprise collaboration. Secret set. The word passed around MoogFest about 45 minutes before via text alert that Dan Snaith of Caribou and Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet were going to be performing a secret collaboration in the Moogaplex at 9:45 on Saturday night. Both Caribou and Four Tet were playing individually at opposite ends of the Saturday night schedule; what did they have in store for the in-the-know who showed up at the Moogaplex for their secret set?

It turns out that Caribou and Four Tet got it in their heads to have a bit of a DJ showdown at the Moogaplex. A decent sized crowd filled the dance-floor as Four Tet and Snaith alternated behind the decks. Each played about two songs per turn from their collections, throwing in all sorts of DJ trickery to soup the tracks up. The audience ate-up this celebrity DJ battle and got down to their killer selections and live-remixing skills. Snaith and Hebden paced around the stage behind one another during each other’s turns at the decks. It seemed like they were having a blast, occasionally throwing one another spoilers to mix out of. A decent crowd of VIPs gathered at the side of the stage to watch the battle unfold as well; I’m pretty sure I saw Nosaj Thing paying close attention. Bottom line: Caribou and Four Tet got bodies moving with an eclectic dance mix that got everyone warmed up for the headliners to follow.

vía: WeloveDC

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