Nick Warren Balance 018

Warren may be best known for playing epic sets on some of the world's biggest dance floors, but he's also long been a champion of the mix CD format (he's done more than ten editions of Global Underground alone). This makes him a natural choice for the Balance series, which has previously tapped esteemed selectors like Lee Burridge, Joris Voorn and most recently Timo Maas.

According to the man himself,
Balance 018 "treads a techier and deeper path" than many of his past compilations, but sticks with his usual "template of sourcing music from every corner of the globe." It was put together on a mostly digital set-up. Warren explains: "I jumped ship to Ableton and the APC40 Controller some time ago and really enjoy it. I can do edits and multiple mixes on the fly, which is great fun. But I also am using the CDJ2000s as well–they are fantastic." The mix CD will be his first since 2008's Global Underground GU35 Lima.

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