Animals Distract Me

(Silver Spring, Md.)—The iconic, award-winning actress and director Isabella Rossellini has teamed with Planet Green to create the groundbreaking and stylized one-hour documentary, ANIMALS DISTRACT ME. Rossellini wrote, directed and stars in this special, which offers viewers a one-of-a-kind personal examination of how humans and animals coexist.

This irreverent, comical and personal documentary focuses on the animals that “distract” Rossellini during a day in her life in New York City. As Rossellini attends a photo shoot, meets with Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley and lunches with world-renowned chef Mario Batali, her thoughts focus on the animals she encounters along the way. These sequences are brought to life through whimsical vignettes that build on Rossellini’s reputation as a visual artist. One memorable scene features Charles Darwin (played by Rossellini and voiced by Campbell Scott) as he stops by to pontificate the principles of evolution. Covering topics as diverse as rats in the subway, her own dog Sweety and the demodex that live on her eyelashes, this fantastical documentary will surprise and wildly entertain viewers.

“ANIMALS DISTRACT ME is a truly original and imaginative documentary that will charm and entertain our viewers. Isabella has created a deeply personal and unique exploration into how we live among the animals in our lives,” says Laura Michalchyshyn, president and general manager of PLANET GREEN. “This documentary will take our audience on an entertaining and amusing ride, and who better to go along with than the creative and legendary Isabella Rossellini—it is worth the distraction.”

Written by Isabella Rossellini in collaboration with John Bohannon, ANIMALS DISTRACT ME is directed by Isabella Rossellini in collaboration with Jody Shapiro and Tony Pettine. Executive producer is Don Faller and producers are Rick Gilbert and Autumn Tarleton. Executive producer for PLANET GREEN is Lynn Sadofsky.

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